The Album is Officially Here!

If you didn’t already know our first album has finally arrived from the cd maker and we are sooooo stoked!  If you haven’t already done so, get yourself a copy at any of our shows.  You can also make arrangements to have one shipped to you by hitting us up at  We’re working on getting them up on iTunes and everywhere else so we can melt faces worldwide!


There are many folks to thank for helping us get this thing together!  


First off, Mike West over at 9th Ward Pickin’ Parlor did all of the recording and mixing.  Mike was fantastic to work with and made the whole process of recording seem like a snap.  Mike has an amazing ear for music and has a great way of working with people that just makes the process seemingly painless.  We spent 4 days in the studio and had the finished product in our hands just a couple weeks later!  Huge thanks to Mike!


Our art guru Clayton over at Snodgrass Creative handled all of the album art.  We went to Clayton with just a few directional ideas.  He shot right back with a winning recommendation and gave us great input on what we needed to do to get this thing done.


Our photographer Jared with Jared Anderson Photography came through on short notice and grabbed a bunch of great shots!  You’ll have to buy and album to see which shot we went with!  Big thanks to Jared!


Town Topic down on Broadway hosted our photo shoot!  While the staff wasn’t thrilled to have 9 people shooting pics in their tiny restaurant, we managed to come away with lots of good stuff and some full bellies!  Thanks to Town Topic!  We’ll be bringing you a copy of the CD shortly!


The list goes on, but we really appreciate anyone that had anything to do with getting us to this point!

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