Rocking and More Rocking!

Llywelyn’s Pub was such a blast! ┬áStanding room only, dancing patrons, exceptional service, and on and on! We’ll be back out there in two weeks, but if you need your fix this weekend you can find us in downtown Warrensburg at the local watering hole/restaurant Heroes!

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4 Responses to “Rocking and More Rocking!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Corb! Great music … sooo … how do I get one of your CDs???

    Hope you are well! : )

    - Sarah

  2. Abbey Says:

    Great show at Llywelyn’s Sat. night! I was with the group that purchased you all the Whiskey shots. :) Lauren is one crazy chick. :) I purchased one of your CD’s, and it sounds great. Can’t wait for the next show (and for January). Keep it up guys!

  3. E-Minor Says:

    That Llywellyn’s show was so much fun to play! I’m the kind of person that gets a bunch of anxiety around crowds, but not last Saturday! I feel a more “at home” there, and the folks that were listening to us made it really easy to have fun. Thanks a bunch to everyone who gave us some kind words, and thanks to the bartenders who never left us hanging.

    Rob / E-Minor

  4. Lauren Says:

    Heck yea it was a blast! Can’t wait to do it all over again on Saturday! My face is starting to heal, I don’t like going this long without it melting off!

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