FSR test run in the studio!


Rob and Al in the studio

Cast your minds.  It’s a warm evening.  The sun is starting to set behind abandoned duplexes to the west.  FSR is teeming with excitement and just hoping we aren’t going to have to pay for all the microphones and/or any other expensive recording equipment we are about to melt.  

The evening started with a beer run.  Adam came through with a 30 pack of Miller Lite’s that would be the glue that kept the band on task throughout the evening.  After a couple hours of setup and technical difficulties we started in on Small Man.  Bit by bit, we laid it down.  Then, faced with only one hour of recording time remaining, we knocked out Up On The Hillside with almost no effort at all…

In the end we learned a few things about each other, about recording, and about how long Corbin can hold out before running to bathroom after chugging six beers.  Such is life, we’ve got a couple of decent recordings out of the deal.  They can be heard back on our myspace page in their entirety.  We had a blast doing this.  Thanks to Giagantic Nick and all the folks down at BRC Audio Productions for having us!!!


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