Uh… Who is ready for Winfield?

Walnut Valley Festival

We here at Free State Revival are getting pretty pumped up to get down to one of the greatest acoustic music festivals known to man.  It’s called Walnut Valley Festival.  Most of you have probably heard of it (and probably been to it).  For those who have not yet attended I can sum it up with three words…  It kicks ass!  Music is everywhere, there is no quiet time, and little streams of alcohol come trickling down the rocks!  Actually, you aren’t supposed to have booze…  Some do manage to get around this rule though.

We’ll be hitting Winfield in waves this year (our first year as FSR).  Some have taken the whole week off and will be arriving on the 12th (the weekend prior to the big event).  Others less fortunate must make due with taking only 3 days off from work and will be arriving Tuesday evening.  Whenever you arrive you are sure to find music that suits your style.  Obviously you love Free State Revival, and now you know we are going to be there…  What else is there to talk about?  

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