Ah…. Those were the days!!!

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Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee has updated his photo essay of WVF 2008!  Check it out!

Pink Sky at Night = Picker’s Delight!

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Well, if you didn’t know already the fairgrounds that usually hold the Walnut Valley Festival were flooded heavily thanks to hurricanes Lowell and Ike.  The river was so high that the powers that be decided to move all camping off site to Winfield City Lake.  Not long after this decision was made the clouds parted and it only rained sunshine and perfect weather from then on!

Photo Gallery from Thursday Night at WVF!

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Keep in mind, we rocked stage 5 so hard that the power went out twice!

Moments… Captured in Time!

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Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee 01

Just got this photo from Ryan Hodgson-Rigsbee.  We’ve got some to post and it sounds like he has some more good ones coming too.  I’ll build a gallery when I can!  Wait, where the hell is Kuchem?

Faces Melted, Livers Damaged at WVF

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Stage 7 Friday

You will be glad to know that everyone in FSR survived the festival (as far as I know).  For those trying to sleep near the Free State Revival camp we do apologize…  Next year we might bring a bag of earplugs for you so your face doesn’t get melted (again) while you are sleeping.  

Catch us this weekend!

Pre Winfield Bash!

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You wouldn’t know it from the above picture, but Ritter had dozens of folks over yesterday afternoon warming their chops up for Walnut Valley Festival!  He served up burgers and such to keep the energy levels up.  A good time was had by all!  We’re all looking forward to a great time down in Winfield this year.

First 10,000 fans get FSR Koozies at Winfield!!!

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Well, actually we don’t have that many, but we can probably do something like, the first 100 fans get free FSR koozies.  Those of you that have been scarred or maimed by flying merchandise will be happy to know that we here at Free State Revival only throw merchandise that has been approved by OSHA for throwing.  The good news here is that according to OSHA we could throw these Koozies directly at your face for three hours and not do any permanent damage to your epidermis!

Be sure to catch up with us down there to claim one of these beauties for your very own!

Uh… Who is ready for Winfield?

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Walnut Valley Festival

We here at Free State Revival are getting pretty pumped up to get down to one of the greatest acoustic music festivals known to man.  It’s called Walnut Valley Festival.  Most of you have probably heard of it (and probably been to it).  For those who have not yet attended I can sum it up with three words…  It kicks ass!  Music is everywhere, there is no quiet time, and little streams of alcohol come trickling down the rocks!  Actually, you aren’t supposed to have booze…  Some do manage to get around this rule though.

We’ll be hitting Winfield in waves this year (our first year as FSR).  Some have taken the whole week off and will be arriving on the 12th (the weekend prior to the big event).  Others less fortunate must make due with taking only 3 days off from work and will be arriving Tuesday evening.  Whenever you arrive you are sure to find music that suits your style.  Obviously you love Free State Revival, and now you know we are going to be there…  What else is there to talk about?