Basswood Resort!!!

Posted in Recent Show on August 31st, 2008 by Corbin

After nearly a month long hiatus FSR returned to the stage at Kansas City’s premier RV Resort last night.  We’ve dedicated quite a bit of our time this past month to getting ready for the recording process, and we’ve taken a few personal weekends as well, but we had jazz hands about doing last night’s show in full FSR fashion.  We got our name out on the marquee, Al may or may not have fallen down on stage, and then we sang and partied in the parking lot/jungle jim for hours.  We’ve never been treated with such hospitality as we were by Gary and the rest of the folks out at Basswood Resort!  Many thanks to them for booking us!  Though we all probably have headaches right now from all the booze they fed us, we are ready to play there again ASAP!