Our Self Titled Album Is Now Available Online!!!

Posted in Album Work on January 23rd, 2009 by Corbin
FREE STATE REVIVAL: Free State Revival

Grab yourself a copy if you don’t already have one!

The Album is Officially Here!

Posted in Album Work on November 12th, 2008 by Corbin

If you didn’t already know our first album has finally arrived from the cd maker and we are sooooo stoked!  If you haven’t already done so, get yourself a copy at any of our shows.  You can also make arrangements to have one shipped to you by hitting us up at freestaterevival@gmail.com.  We’re working on getting them up on iTunes and everywhere else so we can melt faces worldwide!


There are many folks to thank for helping us get this thing together!  


First off, Mike West over at 9th Ward Pickin’ Parlor did all of the recording and mixing.  Mike was fantastic to work with and made the whole process of recording seem like a snap.  Mike has an amazing ear for music and has a great way of working with people that just makes the process seemingly painless.  We spent 4 days in the studio and had the finished product in our hands just a couple weeks later!  Huge thanks to Mike!


Our art guru Clayton over at Snodgrass Creative handled all of the album art.  We went to Clayton with just a few directional ideas.  He shot right back with a winning recommendation and gave us great input on what we needed to do to get this thing done.


Our photographer Jared with Jared Anderson Photography came through on short notice and grabbed a bunch of great shots!  You’ll have to buy and album to see which shot we went with!  Big thanks to Jared!


Town Topic down on Broadway hosted our photo shoot!  While the staff wasn’t thrilled to have 9 people shooting pics in their tiny restaurant, we managed to come away with lots of good stuff and some full bellies!  Thanks to Town Topic!  We’ll be bringing you a copy of the CD shortly!


The list goes on, but we really appreciate anyone that had anything to do with getting us to this point!

The Album is On It’s Way!

Posted in Album Work on October 30th, 2008 by Corbin

We received word yesterday that our self titled album is done and is in route to KC!  As of 4:30 this morning the package departed Horsham, PA.  This picture was taken only a few minutes after the truck left the shipping station.  This just goes to show you that even a simple delivery truck is not immune to having it’s face melted off by Free State Revival!

Free State Revival Posts Songs From 1st Album!

Posted in Album Work on September 14th, 2008 by Corbin

This just in!  A handfull of the mixed down cd ready versions of our songs are available for you to listen to and also to download on our myspace page!  Go check them out.  We’ll have the full album packaged and ready for sale soon!

This is the theme song from Monday afternoon…

Posted in Album Work on September 4th, 2008 by Corbin

“Out Of Shlitz”

As we wrapped up the recording process this past Monday we had celebratory beers (and whiskey) waiting on ice in Jonboy’s man-van.  The fruits of our labors were now out of our hands and the hard work was finally behind us on this project.  It was almost time to bring on those beers when we realized that when Jonboy left, the beers left with him…  Queue the tape!!!

FSR Photo Shoot Today!

Posted in Album Work on August 30th, 2008 by Corbin

What is FSR’s first album cover going to look like?  Anyone want to take a guess?  


Well, if you can guess where we are doing the shoot and guess what time we are doing it, you might be able to make history and be present in the backround on our album cover!  Here are some album covers that we are using for inspiration.  This should help you in your quest!

Hours in studio this weekend = 16… Hours in bar = 0

Posted in Album Work on August 25th, 2008 by Corbin

Well, we survived the first round of recording!  We’ve had a good experience so far and we’ll be ready for round two when it arrives this weekend!  We’ll be back in there on Sunday and Monday burnin’ and churnin’ for your listening pleasure!  We’ve got a lot more pics but they are on 5 different cameras…  I’ll add more as I get them.



Big Weekend Coming Up For FSR!

Posted in Album Work on August 18th, 2008 by Corbin

Al Singing

The time has come to officially start recording!  We’ve got some time set aside this weekend and the following weekend at a studio up in Lawrance, KS (4 days total).  We are all excited to get this thing off the ground and we’ve been grinding up all of our originals at practice trying to get ready for it.  Who knows when this thing will be done, but we’ll do our best to get it to you before next years crops get planted!  We’ll be sure to invite you all to the release party.  It’s likely to be a total booze fest!  Hang in there!

FSR test run in the studio!

Posted in Album Work on July 30th, 2008 by Corbin


Rob and Al in the studio

Cast your minds.  It’s a warm evening.  The sun is starting to set behind abandoned duplexes to the west.  FSR is teeming with excitement and just hoping we aren’t going to have to pay for all the microphones and/or any other expensive recording equipment we are about to melt.  

The evening started with a beer run.  Adam came through with a 30 pack of Miller Lite’s that would be the glue that kept the band on task throughout the evening.  After a couple hours of setup and technical difficulties we started in on Small Man.  Bit by bit, we laid it down.  Then, faced with only one hour of recording time remaining, we knocked out Up On The Hillside with almost no effort at all…

In the end we learned a few things about each other, about recording, and about how long Corbin can hold out before running to bathroom after chugging six beers.  Such is life, we’ve got a couple of decent recordings out of the deal.  They can be heard back on our myspace page in their entirety.  We had a blast doing this.  Thanks to Giagantic Nick and all the folks down at BRC Audio Productions for having us!!!